TriSOFC project mid-term meeting

The TriSOFC project mid-term meeting will be held on the 18th June 2014. All TriSOFC project partners will travel to Brussels (Belgium), to present their work and progress on the TriSOFC project to the European Commission. This is an incredibly important event, and is a great opportunity to present the advances made in the project. TriSOFC parents will meet on the 16th and 17th in order to discuss work / progress and compile presentation and talks for the commission.

Fifth TriSOFC Project Meeting, Porto – 24/02/2014

The fifth TriSOFC project meeting was held on the 24th February 2014. it was a very successful meeting, with all partners in attendance. Decisions were made regarding the fuel cell stack and operating temperature. Furthermore, ideas regarding the integration of the fuel cell and desiccant system was discussed, with particular reference to how Vestel would do this in a compact and effective manner when it comes to the delivery of a commercially viable product. This was the final meeting before the mid-term review, which will take place in Brussels on the 18th June 2014. Below are some images from the Porto meeting.

Project partners presenting their work at the fifth TriSOFC project meeting, Porto – 24/02/2014


Fifth TriSOFC project meeting group photograph, Porto – 24/02/2014

Operational desiccant AC system in lab

The desiccant air conditioning system that will be used in the TriSOFC system has now been fully assembled and instrumented in a laboratory setting at The University of Nottingham. The purpose of this is to test the desiccant system under highly controlled environmental conditions. Following the laboratory testing period, the desiccant system will be moved to a domestic home, to be integrated alongside the the TriSOFC developed fuel cell. The proposed test variables for the laboratory stage of desiccant work are as follows:

  • Air and solution flow rates / ratios
  • Inlet environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity)
  • Thermal input (simulated from fuel cell)
  • Desiccant concentration / temperature

TriSOFC desiccant system at UoN laboratory

The above image shows the novel tower design of the desiccant AC system. The regenerator, evaporative cooler and dehumidifier are all integrated in one single heat and mass exchanger. This has the advantages of being more compact and less prone to leakage. In the laboratory stage of testing there is no fuel cell present, therefore, a hot water cylinder with an electrical immersion heater has been employed to simulate the fuel cells thermal output. In the image below, the desiccant system is connected to a hot water cylinder. In the domestic home field trials, the hot water cylinder will simply be replaced by the TriSOFC fuel cell.


TriSOFC desiccant system connected to hot water cylinder (simulating fuel cell thermal output)

A proposed test site for the complete TriSOFC system has been decided upon, this will be The David Wilson House at The University of Nottingham’s Creative Energy Homes Project. The project is a research and educational showcase of innovative state-of-the-art energy efficient homes.

The David Wilson House, The University of Nottingham

The David Wilson House, The University of Nottingham

The 5th TriSOFC meeting will be held on the 24th February 2014, hosted by TriSOFC partner IDMEC, at The University of Porto, Portugal. This will be a critical meeting as many final decisions regarding the fuel cell design will need to be made, and it will be the last time partners will meet before the mid term review.

Fourth TriSOFC meeting, Nottingham – 20/09/2013

The fourth TriSOFC meeting marks the first year milestone of the EU TriSOFC project. The meeting will be held on 20th September 2013 at The University of Nottingham. The meeting will be a great opportunity for all project partners to get together and discuss the progress of the project, highlight any issues that may be occurring and the best way to proceed with future work. An annual report will be completed following the meeting and a meeting description will be uploaded to

Desiccant AC System prototype complete

Following the theoretical work carried out by The University of Nottingham and IDMEC, the desiccant AC system that will be used in the TriSOFC project has been constructed. Below are some images of the unit. Information on the laboratory and field trial experimentation of the desiccant AC system will follow shortly on

The desiccant regenerator, cooler and dehumidifier integrated into a stack design

The PEC cooler

News from the third TriSOFC project meeting

The third TriSOFC meeting was held on the 24th May 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, kindly hosted by Swerea and GETT. A huge thank you from the rest of the TriSOFC partners for the kindness and hospitality they showed. The meeting was an excellent chance for all the partners to present and discuss the work they have completed and intend to complete in the future. Great progress has been made. The desiccant air conditioning and storage system has been successfully modelled and is ready to be sized for the TriSOFC system. The low temperature single cell membrane material is near completion – ready to be scaled up for the full fuel cell stack design. An operation temperature of 550C has been decided upon. The operational temperature of the fuel cell is critical and has an enormous impact on the rest of the system. Having now decided on a temperature, it means many other components of the TriSOFC system can be designed e.g. reformer, BoP and storage. Finally, a more detailed and reasoned system schematic has been discussed, and when finalised, can be shared here at TriSOFC.

Aside from work, a wonderful meal in The Old town of Stockholm, and a tour of Skansen made for a very enjoyable weekend. Again, our warmest thanks to Swerea and GETT for hosting the third TriSOFC meeting. All the presentations from the meeting are now on the DropBox shared folder, and the minutes of the meeting will follow shortly.


Above, project partners at the third TriSOFC meeting, Stockholm, Sweden, 24th May 2013

The next meeting has been scheduled to be sometime in late September in Nottingham. This will give partners a chance to see the developed novel desiccant system, and give a better idea of how it will work in connection with the fuel cell. An exact date for the meeting has yet to be decided, however it will be posted here as soon as it is known.

And finally, thank you to Grzegorz Zalot of Complex for setting up a group emailing list, all partners should have been invited. Be sure to use the service, as it is a great way to communicate and keep all partners up to date with the latest developments of TriSOFC between project meetings.

Third TriSOFC meeting, Stockholm – 24/05/2013

The third TriSOFC meeting is to be held on 24th May 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.The meeting will be a great opportunity for all project partners to get together and discuss the progress of the project, highlight any issues that may be occurring and the best way to proceed with future work. A full meeting report will be uploaded to TriSOFC following the meeting.

News from the second TriSOFC project meeting

The second TriSOFC project meeting took place on the 24th January 2013 at IDMEC, University of Porto, Portugal, kindly hosted by Professor Armando Oliveira and his team.

This meeting was the fist chance for all the partners to meet, with Grzegorz Zalot of Complex Ltd. and Professor Elis Carlstrom of Swerea IVF attending. Unfortunately Professor Bin Zhu and Dr Waldemar Bujalski were unable to attend, however they sent their apologies, and we all look forward to seeing them at the next TriSOFC meeting.

At the meeting all partners gave a presentation on the work they have been doing, and what they hope to do over the next three months leading up to the next meeting. Some partners have more work to carry out at this point due to the nature of the project at this stage. The main work presented involved the liquid desiccant cooling system modelling results from Nottingham, the thermal energy storage modelling results from IDMEC and the fuel cell material results from Birmingham, KTH and Swerea IVF. All the presentation and work presented at the meeting has now been uploaded to the partner’s shared DropBox folder. The access rights to the website has also been uploaded to the shared folder, so partners can now have access to the website to make any changes or additions they think necessary. Furthermore, a new folder has been created for each of the partner’s to upload their current work to, this way everybody can keep up to date with one each others progress and hopefully benefit from the sharing of knowledge.

It was brought up at the meeting that a system of being able to share ideas and confirm design and technical specifications in a forum style format should be developed. This would assist in partners getting an idea of how the project is progressing, what variables to design to and more generally just keep everybody involved connected and ‘on the same page’. Some form of forum facility will be developed, and details of it will be posted to the TriSOFC website once it has been arranged. Another organisational idea suggested at the meeting was to have monthly video conference sessions with each of the partners. This way everybody stays connected and up to speed with progress. Again, details regarding this will be sent to partners once the details have been finalised.

The meeting was a great success, with Professor Armando C. Oliveira, Professor Clito F. Afonso and Professor Szabolcs Varga making everybody’s stay in Portugal a very enjoyable one, with a great meal at the University of Porto’s grand private club. Thank you very much.

Finally, it has been decided that the third TriSOFC meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden sometime in the last week of May and the first week of June 2013. More details to follow. Below are a couple of pictures from the second TriSOFC meeting in Porto.

The second TriSOFC meeting in Porto, Portugal, January 2013

The second TriSOFC meeting in Porto, Portugal, January 2013

The second TriSOFC meeting in Porto, Portugal, January 2013

Second TriSOFC Project Meeting, Porto – 24/01/2013

It has been confirmed that the second TriSOFC Project meeting will be held on the 24th January 2013, kindly hosted by IDMEC project partner Professor Armando Oliveira in Porto, Portugal.

The meeting will give a chance for all partners to meet, discuss  current progress and future work plans. Also any issues regarding the project can be discussed and hopefully resolved, an update of this meeting will be uploaded to the TriSOFC website shortly after.

TriSOFC kick-off meeting, Nottingham – 13/09/2012

The initial TriSOFC official kick-off meeting was hosted at The University of Nottingham on the 13th September 2012. It gave all the project partners a chance to meet and discuss the project, including any issues with the proposal, future work plans and the objectives for the next meeting. Unfortunately Grzegorz Zalot of Complex Ltd. was unable to attend, however we all look forward to meeting at the next project meeting.

Project partners meeting at The University of Nottingham

A short introductory presentation by each partner was also given outlining their proposed work. These presentations are now accessible to the project partners who have been invited to the shared TriSOFC DropBox folder.

With regards to the next project meeting, IDMEC has kindly volunteered to host this in Porto, Portugal sometime in late January 2013 (date to be confirmed).

Follow the DropBox link to gain access to the file sharing facility

When uploading files to the TriSOFC shared folder, would you please use the following format:

surname, organisation, title, type of file, date

This will make the organisation of the shared folder much easier. Thank you.

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